An Accredited K4-6 Grade School
With plans to expand to 8th grade
Essential Foundations

Family Oriented

The unique approach to schooling at The King’s Academy is significantly driven with the family in mind. Not only is the school model designed to provide more family time together, it also promotes a genuine partnership with parents through intentional collaboration to meet each student’s individual academic, spiritual, and character development needs. We value and honor our families and recognize the essential importance that a parent’s influence has on a student’s achievement.

Character Focused

The character of every person is integral to their success and we believe it should be a powerful key in raising up strong future leaders. The King's Academy is committed to the character education of each student by teaching them the virtues of character so that they will have integrity as tomorrow's leaders.

Service Minded

​A distinctive of a The King's Academy education is its emphasis on service. We aim to train up leaders who are servant hearted. To that end, we endeavor to provide students with service opportunities that cultivate an awareness of and compassion for the needs of others. Students are encouraged to do what they can to make a positive difference in their community, their country, and even around the world.

Christ Centered

Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of The King’s Academy. All school life and education are propelled through the Word of God and in a personal relationship with Christ. At The King's Academy, we are dedicated to discipling students to cultivate a personal relationship with Christ and develop a passionate love for God. We desire that they will embrace the unique purpose He has placed on their lives and influence this world for God’s glory.