An Accredited K4-6 Grade School
With plans to expand to 8th grade
​The King's Academy model focuses on creating a family-oriented environment where faculty and parents work together to create a special and unique place for young people to grow, both academically and spiritually. 

Family-Partnership Model

​The King's Academy Family-Partnership model integrates challenging and excellent academics, student activities, and Christ-centered spiritual instruction, affording families a balance between family life and school. The King's Academy provides two program options allowing parents to choose the educational structure that best meets the needs of their family.

Parental Role

​Parents primary role in the education of their child at The King's Academy is supporting their child and their child's teachers by fulfilling their responsibilities in the Parental-Partnership to help ensure the academic success of their child.  At TKA, communication between teachers, parents, and students is key and valued.  It is important that parents assist their child as necessary and appropriate in being organized, prepared, and completing at-home work and communicating with teachers as needed with questions, when extra support is needed, or a student is having difficulty.

​Parents serve as tutors and guides for their students as they complete teacher assigned at-home work.  Parents with younger students (K-6th) work with their child more as a tutor as they assist their child at home in mastering concepts being taught in the classroom.  The role of tutor is heaviest in Kindergarten through 4th grade and transitions from tutor to academic guide during 5th and 6th grade based on the student’s needs for success.