An Accredited K4-6 Grade School
With plans to expand to 8th grade
School Model
​The King's Academy school model integrates challenging and excellent academics, student activities, and Christ-centered spiritual instruction, affording families a balance between family life and school. The King's Academy provides two program options allowing parents to choose the educational structure that best meets the needs of their family.

5 Day Program

The 5 day program provides families the opportunity to partner with excellent teachers in their children's education while taking part in a vibrant learning community Monday - Friday. This program offers core instruction on MWF in addition to electives which include Spanish three days per week, Bible, Art, Fitness, & Technology.  On Tuesday and Thursday, the focus is on mastery based learning and academic enrichment to reinforce core teaching along with the afternoon STEAMplus elective offerings.

Signature Program

Our Signature Program offers families an opportunity to partner with excellent teachers in their child’s mastery-based education through teacher assigned at-home assignments on Tuesday and Thursday. This provides a more flexible schedule for families who desire it with the added benefit of more time together as a family throughout the week. Students enrolled in the Signature Program receive instruction at school three days a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) and study at home under the tutelage of their parents on Tuesday and Thursday.

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